Celebs for Ad Campaigns, Events, Shows, Launches

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Celebrities for you Campaigns, Events & Shows

  • 01
    Understanding Brief
  • 02
    Idea & Copy Writing
  • 03
    Finalising Celebs & Campaign
  • 04
    Campaign Launch & Report
The first step will be to identify your marketing objective, target audience and region for the product(s) or service(s) that you need to promote. This will help us in identifying the type of celebrity that resonates best with your brand. We will plan the most effective celebrity promotions for your brand based on your marketing needs and guidelines.
In this step we finalize the content of the campaigns by keeping in touch with your team on a regular basis. While keeping your objectives and celebrities in mind, we seek regular approvals from you on each stage of the process.
According to your goal and needs we shortlist and propose top celebrities/creators and other marketing possibilities to endorse your product/services that will boost your brand image and achieve the intended impact within an optimum budget. For us client always comes first, therefore, to get the most value for your money we will provide you optimised custom solution.
After taking relevant approvals for the creative concept and media strategy, we execute the campaign. This involves producing the advertisement, scheduling the media placements, and tracking the success of the campaign. After the campaign is over, it is important to evaluate the results. We analyse the data of the campaign, including sales figures, website traffic and social media engagement. Based on this data you can make adjustment to your campaign for future engagement.